Powering a new capital

Time, not the remoteness of Iqaluit, was the biggest stumbling block for the Nunavut Power Corporation’s new payroll system
By Todd Humber
|CHRR, Guide to Payroll|Last Updated: 10/02/2002

The minute Damian Burton-Jones stepped off the plane, he knew he was in for a unique experience. Earlier in the day, he’d left the cozy confines of his Burlington, Ont. office to board a plane headed north — way north — to Canada’s newest territory.

It wasn’t the harrowing flight through a blizzard that fazed him. Nor was it the 15-feet of snow he stepped into off the plane. It wasn’t the raw caribou, raw Atlantic char or even the raw beluga whale he would soon eat. For Burton-Jones, it was the daunting task of implementing the Nunavut Power Corporation’s human resource management system (HRMS) software, and ensuring the new utility didn’t have a black-out when it came to payroll.

“The cultural differences, the geographical differences, they were a bit more challenging,” said Burton-Jones, an implementation consultant for Best Software.