The pros and cons of Web conferencing

By Asha Tomlinson
|CHRR, Guide to Training & Development|Last Updated: 04/30/2003

Anyone who has had a romance over the Internet can understand that you don’t have to meet someone face-to-face to interact on a personal level, says Pat Fahy, associate professor, Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University in Alberta.

Fahy rarely sees any of his students in the traditional classroom setting yet he knows a lot about them from conferencing online. The majority of Fahy’s curriculum is taught via the Internet. Students go online in a virtual classroom setting and participate over the Internet. In most cases he meets his students for the first time at the convocation ceremony.

“I would never say face-to-face learning is dead. However, anyone who believes that’s the only way it should be done is wrong too. Technology-based training is effective and it’s a great way to learn,” says Fahy.