HR, shed your cloaks of modesty (Editor's Notes)

National HR Awards to honour best practices in Canada
By Todd Humber
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/20/2015

You’re doing a great job and we want to honour you for it.

That’s why we are proud to unveil the National HR Awards, a prestigious annual award competition designed to honour the best in Canadian HR practices.

In our first year, we’re handing out awards in 11 special categories. 

Since 1987, Canadian HR Reporter has had the privilege of covering the HR profession and we’ve watched it grow and mature significantly over those decades. In 2015, we can unequivocally state that people are an organization’s biggest asset and we want to honour the organizations that understand this. 

HR departments across the country are taking on increasingly strategic roles, driving human capital strategies and helping their firms outperform competitors both nationally and around the world.

These awards are about substance, not style. We are going to celebrate the winners in a special issue of Canadian HR Reporter on Sept. 21, in which we will tell the stories of the winners. We are also producing an exclusive series of videos with the winning organizations — it will be unparalleled, inspiring coverage of the best practices in the country.

But we need your help to make it happen. We need you to shed your cloaks of modesty and shine a light on the work you do every day in your organizations.

 Don’t be shy about bragging — some of the best stories we’ve heard over the years have come from HR practitioners who didn’t think they were doing anything special. What seems routine to you could be groundbreaking to another organization. 

Nominations are open now. Visit for more information, including a detailed look at the esteemed judging panel. We have lined up more than two dozen top experts who have helped us shape the criteria and graciously donated their time to help make these awards a success.

Award categories

The 11 categories for 2015 are:

•Best Diversity Program

•Best Recruitment Campaign

•HR Challenge Award

•Employment Lawyer of the Year (sponsored by Canadian Lawyer magazine)

•Best Employee Communications Program

•Best Corporate Training & Development Program

•Best Employee Engagement Program (sponsored by Venngo)

•Best Corporate Social Responsibility Program

•Best Recognition Program

•Technology/Innovation Award

•Healthy Workplaces Award.

Nomination deadline

The deadline for submitting your nomination is July 31, 2015. If you have any questions about the awards, please email me at 

Interested in sponsoring an award?

If you’re interested in sponsoring an award, please get in touch with one of our account executives. You can contact Stephen Hill at or (416) 558-9102 and Nicholas Cholodny at or (647) 537-4705.

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