A time to recognize payroll staff

CPA's National Payroll Week, now in its ninth year, is a chance to thank payroll staff for all their hard work
By Wendy McLean
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 10/03/2003


ayroll practitioners across Canada might be a little more jovial than usual this week. That’s because Sept. 8-12 is National Payroll Week.

Now in its ninth year, National Payroll Week was started by the Canadian Payroll Association to celebrate the contributions of payroll professionals who keep Canada paid — today, tomorrow and every pay.

Many employees, and employers, don’t realize that payroll professionals do more than calculate and process pay cheques. They are also responsible for compliance and legislation issues, pensions and benefits and government remittances. Payroll practitioners remit over $150 billion to the federal government each year, totaling two-thirds of all government revenue in Canada.

That’s why payroll professionals are part of Canada’s economic backbone. They keep Canada paid — employees through paycheques, businesses through ensuring compliance and federal and provincial governments through payroll remittances.

Celebrating payroll

A qualified payroll practitioner can be an incredible resource for an organization. They bring extensive knowledge and skills to the job. Payroll professionals understand and implement government legislation and employment law, accounting and financial concepts, human resources, software programs, communications and management strategies, all in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

This year, help the payroll community create awareness with employers and employees about the extensive knowledge and contributions payroll professionals make within your organizations. Often the only time payroll professionals hear from employees is when there is an error. Why not put a human face to pay slips? Post an announcement or publish a story profiling the payroll department on your company’s intranet or employee publication or host a “meet your payroll professional” break outside the payroll department with coffee and treats. Find a way to say thanks to your hardworking professionals in payroll—they deserve it.

Want to join in our NPW celebrations? There are events scheduled in 20 cities across the country. Visit


to find our more information on National Payroll Week and the events in your area.

Wendy McLean is the manager of marketing and communications for the Canadian Payroll Association. For more information on National Payroll Week visit www.npw-snp.ca.

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