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How benefits-savvy are you? Take this online quiz
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hink you're a benefits whiz? Well now you can prove it. Publishing firm Nelson has put a 20-question benefits quiz online.

Do you know what per cent of individuals underestimate the value of their benefits?

Do benefits represent a variable rather than a fixed cost to the organization?

Which of the following is not an approach used to contain health care benefits?

•Ensuring that patients only receive one opinion for surgery procedures.

•Increased deductibles.

•Providing alternatives to traditional medical care.

•Increased co-ordination of benefits.

•Incentives for outpatient surgery and testing.

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to test your benefits knowledge online. (Link will open in a new window.)

The quiz is taken from

Managing Human Resources, Third Edition

, a text written by a number of North American experts including York University's Monica Belcourt.

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