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|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/01/2016

If the shoe fits...

OTTAWA — Looking to better understand the experience of many female servers, male employees dressed up in short dresses and high heels recently at an Ottawa restaurant. The initiative came about after a CBC story looking at restaurant dress codes found many women feel obligated to wear sexy outfits. But the change of attire was not easy for the men. “If this is what women have to deal with in days or weeks or years of working in restaurants, or wherever they’re working, then I can’t even really imagine that, actually. It’s kind of tough,” said Union Local 613 busser and server James Tilden. The men also felt vulnerable and uncomfortable, said the CBC, with some men being touched inappropriately. Tilden said he eventually wanted to stop serving one rowdy table. “I feel like this isn’t exactly what it’s like for women, however, I feel like I’m put on the spot. I feel like I’m being stared at a lot. Obviously, people are kind of smiling and smirking about it, but I feel like I’m on the spot and kind of the centre of attention.”

For all to see

SAN DIEGO — Those projectors used to project images from a computer to a screen can be all kinds of useful in a classroom. But it’s important to turn them off when you’re done, as one teacher found out recently. Students taking a test in a math class at Mira Mesa High in San Diego were surprised to look up and see photos of lingerie on the overhead screen as the teacher surfed eBay, according to CNN. Of course, one of them took a video and posted it online and now the man is on administrative leave as the incident is looked into. “It is important to let the investigation process run its course without speculation,” said the school. But one parent felt the man should be fired “if he can’t control his web surfing for lingerie around impressionable teenagers.”

Extra-curricular activities 

MANCHESTER, U.K. — A well-respected professor at Manchester University’s School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science was suspended recently for an internal investigation when it was revealed he was also moonlighting as a porn star. Nicholas Goddard, 61, has taught at the school for more than 20 years but was known as “Old Nick” when he starred in X-rated videos alongside young women, according to the Daily Mail. Apparently, Goddard’s double life had been common knowledge among some students, if not the university authorities, but someone recently alerted the Sun newspaper. One student wrote: “Nick is what you would expect a typical professor to be like. Quite nerdy, clearly intelligent and prone to ramble about stuff you don’t really understand. He’s engaged and fascinated by his field. A consummate academic. This makes the initial revelation all the more shocking. I don’t know what I would expect an amateur porn star to be like, but if I had to guess, it would be something close to the exact opposite of Nick.” Some female students were uncomfortable about the revelation, saying they would not want to be taught by him, but most people surveyed by the Daily Mail were more forgiving, with the consensus: “His private life is his own business.” 

Spray happy

FORTH WORTH, TEXAS — A Fort Worth police officer who apparently pepper-sprayed motorcyclists — for no apparent reason — saw his patrol duties removed recently, according to Reuters. A video posted online appeared to show officer Figueroa, a six-year veteran, spraying a yellow mist at a large group of riders on a highway. The incident was also captured by the officer’s body camera and squad car dash cam, said the Forth Worth Police Department, which is now investigating and has placed the officer in an administrative role.  

Not a fan of Rice Krispies? 

MEMPHIS, TENN. — Yet another video, uploaded online, has captured a wayward employee. This one shows a man urinating on an assembly line and then pans to a sign with the logo of his employer — Kellogg. Apparently shot in 2014 at a Memphis, Tenn., factory, the company did not learn of the unpleasant event until recently and “immediately alerted law enforcement authorities and regulators,” said spokesperson Kris Charles. Kellogg is also conducting an internal investigation and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Criminal Investigation is looking into the behaviour, according to Reuters. But since the video was recorded at least two years ago, any products that could have been damaged would be past their expiration dates, said Charles. These would have included Rice Krispies Treats, granola clusters and puffed rice treats.

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