Manitoba increases minimum wage

Rate will climb 25 cents per hour in April, province plans to establish board to review minimum wage
||Last Updated: 12/18/2003


anitoba is increasing its minimum wage by 25 cents per hour on April 1, 2004.

Nancy Allan, the province’s Labour and Immigration Minister, said the wage would rise to $7 per hour.

“Our approach has been to adjust the rate gradually and in smaller increments,” said Allan. “This implementation method is more fair and manageable for an employer while still allowing us to increase the purchasing power of low income earners.”

The province also plans to convene a new minimum wage board in 2004. The board will consist of a chair and an equal number of employee and employer representatives. Provincial legislation permits a minimum wage review at the discretion of the minister and revision of the rates through regulations.

The board will hold consultations with residents and is expected to submit its recommendation to the province in September 2004.

“Manitoba’s economy is growing and this raise in the minimum wage to $7 per hour on April 1, 2004, will help ensure the benefits of that growth are shared more fairly,” said Allan.

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