Martin splits up HRDC

New prime minister transforms HRDC into two new departments
||Last Updated: 01/14/2004


ew Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin has split up Human Resources Development Canada.

On Dec. 12, Martin announced a new federal cabinet structure. In support of the new structure, HRDC was divided into two new entities: the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development and the Department of Social Development.

A note on the government’s Web site states that “service to Canadians will be uninterrupted during this time of transition. We will continue to deliver all our services, and clients can continue to access all our programs and services as they have in the past — by telephone, through this Web site and by contacting our 320 offices across the country.”

Here are the descriptions of the new departments as posted on the government’s Web site.

The Department of Human Resources and Skills Development

The Department of Human Resources and Skills Development (HRSD) is responsible for providing all Canadians with the tools they need to thrive and prosper in the workplace and community. We support human capital development, labour market development and are dedicated to establishing a culture of lifelong learning for Canadians. Among our clients are employees, employers, individuals receiving Employment Insurance benefits, students and those who need focused support to participate in the workplace. HRSD provides federal-level management of labour and homelessness issues, and supports students and communities through the Canada Student Loans Program and Community Economic Development initiatives.

The Department of Social Development

The Department of Social Development is mandated with breaking down barriers to equality of opportunity for Canadians. Among other things, we are responsible for helping families with children, supporting people with disabilities and ensuring that seniors can fully participate in their communities. We provide the policies, services and programs for Canadians who need assistance in overcoming challenges they encounter in their lives and their communities. This includes income security programs, such as the Canada Pension Plan. We are a client-centred organization, committed to continually improving service delivery for Canadians.

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