Chinese students that study abroad returning home in greater numbers

China's robust economy cited as main factor as the number of students returning home rises 13 per cent annually
||Last Updated: 01/21/2004


hina is seeing a surge in the number of students returning home after studying overseas, according to Wang Xiaochu, the country’s vice-minister of personnel.

The number of students returning to China after leaving to study at foreign universities has been increasing by an average of 13 per cent each year, said Xiaochu.

The China Overseas Human Resources Exchange Fair, held recently in Guangdong Province, saw more than 3,500 Chinese students coming from around the world, 10 times the number from the first fair held six years ago, according to a report in

China Daily


Many of the students are returning to start their own businesses. In Beijing, about 5,000 returned students have created more than 2,000 IT companies. In Shanghai nearly 2,500 businesses are run by returned students, with a total registered capital of $512 million Cdn.

Wu Qiong, a graduate of the University of Toronto, told the

China Daily

that it was China’s fast economic development and numerous business opportunities that attracted them back.

Sun Geniou, a student at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, said some students return to China for a much simpler reason — homesickness. She said life in foreign countries can be difficult because of cultural and social differences.

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