New standards for recruitment technology to debut soon

Instead of a deluge of online applications, the HR professional receives a report with the top 10 prospects, with skills tested and assessed, and an e-archive of all applicants — and the data is compatible with all your systems
By Todd Humber
|CHRR, Guide to HR Technology|Last Updated: 03/09/2004


nyone who has ever worked in retail knows what a flood of resumes looks like. Every weekend, teenagers fan out across shopping malls handing in resumes and filling out applications in hopes of landing a part-time job.

The process is really no different at many organizations across the country. Many employers see a constant flow of applications, even when there is nary a help-wanted sign in sight, and resumes just keep piling up until they become a juggernaut that either gets pitched or sorted through at length in the search for the one ideal candidate.