When HR’s technology needs become too complex, there is outsourcing

HR and payroll departments have more options than ever before
By Jeff Koven
|CHRR, Guide to HR Technology|Last Updated: 03/09/2004


R departments serve many masters, from the senior team to employees, pensioners and contingent workers, everybody wants something. Technology has come along to help meet the many demands placed upon human resources, but in the process has also landed HR professionals with a need to come to grips with the complexities and costs of software and systems. Outsourcing is an option to ease HR’s tech woes.

HR and payroll departments have more options than ever before when looking to improve content and service to their employees. A quick inventory of technology options begins with common human resources management system (HRMS) and payroll software packages. Add on to these platforms, self service applications and broader HR intranet portals, and you quickly see the option to integrate HR communications with other technology like recruiting and performance management software. Other technologies that can be integrated within HR services include telephony solutions that help to centralize HR and payroll support across an enterprise.