Manitoba wants to speed up resolution of labour disputes

Amendment to Labour Relations Act sets time limit for labour board to make decision about whether or not a party is bargaining in good faith
||Last Updated: 09/17/2006


anitoba is amending its Labour Relations Act, adding a mechanism that will help parties end protracted labour disputes.

Labour and Immigration Minister Nancy Allan said the bill implements the consensus recommendations of the Labour Management Review Committee which were submitted in December 2002.

Under the proposed Labour Relations Amendment Act, introduced by Allan on March 10, any party involved in a labour dispute can ask the Manitoba Labour Board to help them settle a contract when they have been on strike or have been locked out for 60 days and have been working with a conciliator for 30 days.

The proposed amendments would set a 21-day time limit for the Manitoba Labour Board to determine if the parties are bargaining in good faith and if they are likely to reach an agreement without reliance on the expedited settlement provisions.

The amendments would clarify that the expedited settlement provisions would only be available to an applicant that is bargaining in good faith

The Labour Management Review Committee was established by the province in 1965. It is required, under the Labour Relations Act, to review the expedited settlement provisions of the act every two years.

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