Federal budget expected to be heavy on skills development

Report says Ottawa will invest $5 billion in skills and education over the next five years
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 03/26/2004


omorrow’s federal budget will contain a massive investment in skills and education, according to a report in the

Globe and Mail


The paper said Paul Martin’s government is expected to invest heavily, to the tune of $5 billion, in education and skills-upgrade programs with the goal of making such programs accessible to more people.

The investment, expected to be spread out over the next five years, is designed to make Canada’s economy more innovative and competitive, according to senior government officials.

One official said the majority of new jobs — 70 per cent — created in the next five years will require post-secondary education.

According to the


, the key budget items to boost skills and education include:

•$1 billion for union-sponsored learning centres and workplace training programs;

•cash for organizations that evaluate foreign credentials;

•grants for low-income post-secondary students in their first year of study;

•greater access to loans for post-secondary education; and

•$200 million per year for HR development of originals.

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