Leaving payroll behind

Rothmans uncouples payroll from the rest of the organization with a fully outsourced option
By Todd Humber
|CHRR, Guide to Payroll|Last Updated: 08/15/2005

Rothmans, Benson and Hedges Inc. has always had a top-notch payroll department, according to Mike Frater, the company’s director of finance. Top-notch, but small and vulnerable and a lot of effort had to be put into supporting the function.

“We have a relatively small employee base, somewhere north of 750 active employees,” said Frater.

Handling pay for the Toronto-based tobacco firm was a payroll department of two people, which recently shrunk to one after one of the employees left. Factor in things like sick time and vacation time, and there wasn’t much wiggle room. That got the company thinking about risk management, said Frater.