British workers protest "Full Monty" style

Hundreds of workers protest loss of pensions by stripping outside labour conference
||Last Updated: 11/01/2004

Hundreds of workers in England are stripping down to protest the loss of their pensions.

The workers are planning a demonstration outside a labour conference in Brighton on Sept. 29 to draw attention to the fact they have lost some or all of their pensions.

The group is planning a march and a “Full Monty” striptease on the beach to highlight their claim that they have been stripped of their pensions, according to a report in the



“The group is protesting about the insufficient amount proposed by the government to resolve our pension robbery,” said a spokesman for the Pension Action Group. “We are not asking for assistance. We want the restoration of our pensions that we paid for.”

Workers include employees of a steel firm that went belly up and Turner and Newall, an automotive parts firm that is likely to wind up a multibillion dollar pension plan. As many as 17,500 T&N staff could lose up to 70 per cent of their pensions while another 22,000 pensioners would not receive inflation-linked raises.

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