Workplace ‘mobsters’ put a hit on bottom line

Schoolyards aren't the only domain of the bully
By Natalie C. MacDonald
|CHRR, Report on Healthy Workplaces|Last Updated: 04/13/2005

For most children, recess is one of the best times of the school day. It’s a chance to get outside, play and breathe in fresh air. But, for some children, recess is a terrifying experience in fear and intimidation from the schoolyard bully.

Unfortunately, schoolyards aren’t the only domain of the bully. They can also thrive in the workplace. Workplace bullies may act in a group, giving rise to the term “workplace mobbing.”

Bullying can be defined as any type of behaviour from an employee’s superiors, co-workers or even subordinates that harasses an employee. The behaviour may occur over weeks, months or years — or it could be a single incident.