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|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/28/2018
Workers in China were made to eat cockroaches if they didn’t reach their sales targets. watchara panyajun/Shutterstock


GUIZHO, CHINA — After staff suffered various forms of abuse at a home renovation company in China, three of their managers have been jailed for five to 10 days, according to the BBC. Managers at the firm are said to have made staff drink urine or eat cockroaches if they didn’t reach their sales targets. Videos of workers at the home renovation company being whipped by a belt also circulated online. Other forms of punishment included drinking toilet water or having their heads shaved, according to media reports. The company is also alleged to have failed to pay employees’ salaries for two-and-a-half months. There have been reports of other employers in China following similar methods, with employees forced to crawl on a public road or kiss garbage cans as punishment.