HR departments staying busy 
with focus on recruitment, L&D

But profession falls short when it comes to talent analytics,
 career advancement and succession planning: Survey
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/28/2019

In the past year, HR departments were nearly twice as likely to grow rather than shrink, according to a survey of HR professionals in several countries.

There are a variety of possible reasons for the growth, such as a stronger economy, changing technologies or the new world of work. It could also be because recruitment and learning and development (L&D) are keeping HR busy as top priorities, according to the HR Talent Management and Benchmarking Report 2019 from

Most respondents (66 per cent) said their HR department’s size remained about the same, while 22 per cent said their departments grew. Just 12 per cent said theirs shrank.