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|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/30/2019
Flea infestation was the cause of a police station evacuation in Paris. Credit: Cosmin Manci (Shutterstock)


PARIS — A police station in Paris was evacuated recently, but not because of any bomb threat or structural issues. The problem? A siege of fleas, according to a tweet sent out by the Alliance police union. The pests had “made working conditions intolerable,” they said, according to CNN, and some officers sought medical treatment for multiple flea bites: “Worst still, some of these pests are likely to be brought back home, contaminating officers’ families.” Attempts at disinfection were “close to useless,” said Yvan Assioma, the union’s Paris regional secretary. “What is needed in order to control a flea invasion is to disinfect the whole building and even the cars of the people who work there. The higher authorities are putting Band-Aids on a wooden leg.” In 2017, the same station had to be evacuated because of an invasion of lice and fleas.