Tribalism rampant in Kenyan workplace: report

Practice could damage country’s economic prospects
||Last Updated: 03/08/2006

Tribalism is dominating the Kenyan workplace, a recent report stated.

The report by Anthony Ngare, a journalist with the country's East African Standard, argued that discrimination along tribal lines, while in a disguised form, is rampant in the workplace.

In some companies, up to 80 per cent of the workforce comes from the same tribal area, said Ngare.

Following Ngare's report, Titus Naikuni, the chief executive officer of Kenya Airways and one of Kenya's leading business figures, made a speech condemning the practice of tribalism.

People holding high positions in organizations tend to hire people from their own tribes, said Naikuni, who added that he thought the problem is widespread.

Tribalism has the potential to damage Kenya's economic prospects because when people hire solely based on tribal affiliations and not on who is most qualified, it will affect productivity, said Naikuni.

Kenya Airways now has a policy of having committees for interviewing and openly discussing the problem of tribalism, he said.

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