Funds beef up skills training in northern Saskatchewan

Program matches skilled Aboriginals with jobs in booming oil sands industry
||Last Updated: 04/25/2006

Skills training in northern Saskatchewan got a financial boost from the provincial and federal governments this week.

Job Horizons, a program that helps northern Aboriginals get jobs in the oil sands industry, will get an additional $755,000 in funding.

"The Job Horizons program empowers northerners with the tools they need to find better jobs in one of Canada's fastest-growing sectors," said Minister of National Revenue Carol Skelton.

The program, administered through the Aboriginal Human Resources Development Council of Canada (AHRDC), uses a database to match new jobs with skill sets of northern job seekers. The AHRDC then informs the HR managers of the match.

The program also advises job seekers on what skills they need for specific jobs and once they're hired, helps them transition to work.

"The project brings welcome job opportunities to northerners and it plays a valuable role in promoting northern-based talent to oil sands companies," said Doug Gayly, project chairperson. "Everyone benefits."

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