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Workers say personality tests help determine cultural fit
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 12/11/2006

Nearly one-third of workers (32 per cent) agree personality tests can help determine if a prospective employee will fit in, even though 44 per cent say such tests are not fair assessments of actual personality, according to the latest Spherion Workplace Snapshot survey conducted by Harris Interactive.

When asked to think about all factors in the hiring decision-making process (such as work experience and background checks), 35 per cent of workers said personality tests should be considered of moderate to high importance. However, in the past two years, just 16 per cent have taken a personality test to be considered for a job.

One reason personality tests are gaining popularity, according to Nancy Halverson, Spherion's vice-president of talent development, is their potential to benefit both employers and employees.

"Considering that a poor hiring decision can result in high turnover costs for an employer, testing a candidate's motivations and personality traits may be one more way to ensure a good fit," she said.

"Personality tests can be equally useful to job seekers....They can help workers avoid bad job choices."

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