Big game require big guns (On recruitment)

What you can do to land that top executive for your company
By Greg Ford
|CHRR, Guide to Recruitment & Staffing|Last Updated: 01/24/2008

With the current labour shortage, companies are doing somersaults trying to attract top talent at the junior and intermediate levels. Much has been written about Generation Y and the innovative practices needed to woo these so-called “millennials.”

But what about the executives? Have employers forgotten to rethink strategies for bagging the heavy hitters, the big names that would look tantalizing in a press release?

Competition for C-suite and vice-president talent is intense. Recruiters are having to go farther and farther to find great executives and, when they’re found, employers are having to be more flexible and put more on the table to seal the deal. This “concession planning” includes some creative compensation components. Here are some real examples from 2007: