New migrants do not take jobs away from British workers: Report

U.K. unemployment rates at 30-year lows and vacancies continue to increase
||Last Updated: 06/19/2008

Concerns that an inflow of people from new European Union countries to the United Kingdom would result in higher unemployment and fewer jobs for British citizens are unfounded, according to a new report.

A Department for Work and Pensions report,

The Impact of Migration from the New EU Member States on Native Workers

, found that new migrants, who are mostly from Eastern European countries, have not affected wages or the number of Britons claiming unemployment benefits.

"Migrants from Eastern Europe have come to the U.K. to work and have been a benefit to our economy, allowing companies to grow and create more jobs," said the Minister for Employment Stephen Timms. "As this research shows, these migrants have not taken jobs away from British workers and have not impacted wages."

The numbers of people claiming unemployment benefits are at levels as low as 30 years ago and the number of job vacancies continues to rise, said Timms.

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