A whole lot of blogging going on (Editor’s notes)

Canadian HR Reporter introduces employment law and labour relations blog, strategic HR discussion board
By Todd Humber
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/15/2009

If you haven’t been to www.hrreporter.com lately, you’re missing a lot — thousands of archived articles, an HR job board and a comprehensive online vendor directory, just to name a few.

And the website is about to get even more dynamic. We’re introducing a number of exciting new initiatives to make Canadian HR Reporter even more relevant, thought-provoking and interactive. (And don’t worry — your printed copy isn’t disappearing or shrinking.)

The most recent additions are blogs/discussion boards focused on labour relations, employment law and strategic HR. They’re designed to inform and entertain and give you an opportunity to join the discussion.

Some of the most fascinating conversations I’ve had over the years — work-related or otherwise — have been with HR professionals. They’re engaging, tell some great stories, have interesting opinions on a wide range of issues and dispense some of the best advice you’ll ever run across.

Canadian HR Reporter has primarily been a one-way conversation, with us delivering news and information, but these new blogs give the HR community a forum to read about, and respond to, a wide range of issues. And we’re cognizant of the fact many HR professionals aren’t able to speak on behalf of their companies, so feel free to use a pseudonym or be anonymous when posting. We’re not concerned with who is saying what, we just want to get the conversation, ideas and opinions flowing. Everything is moderated, so you can be sure the conversation will remain at a high level.

Here’s a brief synopsis of our new blogs.

Labour relations: The labour relations blog is hosted by Gordon Sova, editor of CLV Reports, a sister publication that reports on collective bargaining. He has already penned two fascinating articles — one on the future of pattern bargaining and the other on the duty of fair representation — that are must-reads for any HR practitioner.

Employment law: The employment law blog is hosted by Jeffrey R. Smith, editor of Canadian Employment Law Today, a sister publication that reports on employment law from a business perspective. Jeff sorts through dozens of employment law cases every week and uncovers some pretty unusual items. He’ll bring you the inside scoop on the bizarre shenanigans going on in Canadian workplaces.

Strategic HR: The strategic HR blog/discussion board is a partnership between the Strategic Capability Network (SCNetwork) and Canadian HR Reporter. SCNetwork is an association that boasts some of the top names and minds in HR, and they’ll bring their expertise and opinions to the discussion. This is the one that will generate the most thought-provoking conversations. Check it out and don’t be shy about adding your opinions.

To view the blogs, simply go to www.hrreporter.com and click on the blog link on the homepage. It’s right above the image of the current issue.

And we’re not done introducing new features. Stay tuned.

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