Saskatchewan plans to boost immigration

Increases in business immigration could result in 900 new jobs: Minister
||Last Updated: 07/23/2010

Saskatchewan has invested an extra $2.69 million in immigration for the coming year with the hopes of attracting up to 10,000 new residents.

Last year, 2,914 people were nominated for residence under the province's immigrant nomination program. The target for 2009-2010 is 3,400 nominees, said Immigration Minister Rob Norris.

With spouses and families, that could result in nearly 10,000 new residents in the coming year.

"Immigrants do much more than increase our population; they help to create more diverse, dynamic and cosmopolitan communities, while strengthening our labour market, stimulating economic investment and creating jobs," said Norris.

As part of its immigration strategy, the government has unveiled new business immigration streams that will help grow the economy and create jobs, said Norris.

In 2008-2009, 109 entrepreneurial immigrants were nominated to come to Saskatchewan. Their business investments are expected to create more than 400 jobs.

The immigrant nominee program will nominate 250 immigrants under the entrepreneurship category over the next two years, leading to the creation of approximately 900 jobs, said Norris.

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