Olympics hope to 'borrow' 1,500 employees

Cash-strapped 2010 Games hope employers will loan out workers
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 07/23/2010

In an effort to save money and maintain a balanced budget, the Vancouver Olympic organizing committee is asking local employers to loan them about 1,500 employees.

The committee is looking to fill positions in 32 of the 2010 Games' 53 departments, in everything from security to the opening ceremonies, and is turning to small employers, large corporations and the government to help out.

The committee will still do some hiring, including specialized staff and people who live in Whistler, B.C., said organizers.

Initially the committee estimated needing a full-time workforce of about 1,400 during the games, along with about 3,500 temporary employees and 25,000 volunteers.

Organizations such as the Canadian Tourism Commission and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport have already loaned about 45 employees to the Games.

The committee has a $1.75-billion budget, of which $140 million has been set aside for workforce and sustainability initiatives.

However, the global recession has caused some revenue streams to dry up and there is a $30-million hole in the budget because the International Olympic Committee hasn't signed the final two international sponsors it promised.

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