Alberta’s employment picture improving

Increased drilling activity expected to boost jobs
By Todd Hirsch
|Western Report|Last Updated: 04/19/2010

It’s always fine for economists to say the recession is over and the economy has started to grow again. The latest word from economists is growth in Canada’s gross domestic product in the last three months of 2009 was strong and there has been an increase in exports and business confidence.

But all this cheerful economic chatter can leave the average Joe on the street a little jaded when he still can’t find a job. “What recovery?” he may ask.

The grumbling could get a little louder because in March it was announced Alberta’s economy shed nearly 15,000 jobs in February. That came on the heels of losses in January as well. The unemployment rate eked back up close to seven per cent. So far, 2010 has gotten off to a truly lousy start for jobseekers in the province.