What goes in a health spending account?

|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/16/2001

Here are some of the allowable expenses employers can offer plan members through a health spending account. The list is provided by Blue Cross and is based on guidelines from the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency.

Services and products include:

•cosmetic surgery;

•costs of medical services outside province of residence;

•electrolysis or hair removal performed by a licensed technician;

•modifications to a home for people confined to a wheelchair;

•surgical hair transplant performed by a physician;

•devices to enable diabetics to measure blood-sugar levels;

•devices to attach to infants diagnosed as prone to sudden infant death syndrome;

•closed captioning devices;

•vision expenses including eyeglasses, contact lenses and seeing-eye dogs; and

•weight-loss or stop-smoking programs prescribed by a physician.

Services by practitioners include:




•Christian science practitioners;

•osteopaths; and

•speech language pathologists.

Services provided in facilities include:

•care of a person who is certified mentally incompetent;

•care of a blind person;

•care in a nursing home; and

•payment to a licensed private hospital.

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