One-third of U.K. workers fear layoffs: Survey

But CEOs are more worried about stress and tax investigations
||Last Updated: 11/09/2010

Despite signs of the recession is over and the economy is improving, workers in the United Kingdom are still worried about their jobs.

One-third of workers said they are worried about being laid off. Higher up the corporate ladder, 36 per cent of senior managers and 42 per cent of executives without management responsibility identified layoffs as a concern.

CEOs are feeling more optimistic, according to the survey of 2,179 British adults conducted by consulting firm Abbey Legal Protection. Just five per cent of CEOs said they are concerned about layoffs and 29 per cent of them said they have no work concerns at all.

"Although the wider economic environment appears to be more positive than it was this time last year, the issue of redundancy is clearly still at the forefront of employee minds, and one that concerns them on a regular basis," said Richard Candy, underwriting director at Abbey Legal Protection.

"CEOs themselves may not be worried about their own management positions but they should be aware of the wider sentiment amongst their workforce."

CEOs are worried about harmless sexual innuendo being taken the wrong way (nine per cent), the health effects of employee stress (11 per cent) and a potential tax investigation (12 per cent), found the survey.

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