A healthy workplace means recognizing stress is the enemy

Stress costs Canadian business $20 billion. How HR can approach wellness in the workplace.
By Nikki Pavlov
|CHRR, Guide to Healthy Workplace|Last Updated: 09/04/2003

The Canadian winter. Some love it and some hate it. For those who love it, it conjures up images of skiing, skating on frozen ponds and drinking hot chocolate in front of a fire. While for others it is four months of blizzards and freezing rain, shovelling driveways, trudging through the slush and hibernating indoors.

In the case of workplace wellness, winter in Canada seems to bring with it outbreaks of the flu, colds and other ailments that keep people in their homes and out of the office. The thought of winter makes many employees shudder at the thought of increased sick days and resulting productivity losses.

But why is so much concern placed on people suffering from the winter flu, while other issues are ignored? Health and wellness in the workplace is something that should be inherent within companies no matter what the season. Quite simply, the cost of doing business is expensive and the costs associated with servicing unhealthy employees are even more staggering.