Workplace financial education alleviates employee stress

An employee who worries about dire future financial straights will not perform well in the here and now.
By Asaf Shad
|CHRR, Guide to Healthy Workplace|Last Updated: 09/04/2003

Stop fretting. You’ll worry yourself sick.” That might have seemed silly when your mother said it, but the health literature takes the linkage quite seriously. HR professionals see the connection on a daily basis. A family crisis at home or extreme stress on the job can provoke or prolong headaches, nausea and other physical illnesses among employees.

New research suggests that personal financial health is linked to physical and mental health and possibly to job performance.

A 1999 study for the Association for Financial Counselling and Planning Education (AFCPE), by five academics from Virginia Tech and Texas Tech universities, asked 178 employees of a south eastern U.S. manufacturer about their fiscal and physical health and how their bosses had scored them in their latest job performance reviews.