German court rules employers can make workers wear bras

Ruling also allows employers to govern hair style and finger-nail length
||Last Updated: 02/01/2011

An airport security firm got some uplifting news from a German labour court, allowing the company to require female employees to wear bras at work.

The firm went to court after employees complained about the company's strict rules governing personal appearance.

The grooming protocols were put in place "to preserve the orderly appearance of employer-provided uniforms," claimed the company in court.

Most of the employer's protocols do not violate workers' personal rights, the State Labour Court in North Rhine-Westphalia ruled.

It found bosses have the right to require female to staff to either wear undershirts or white or skin-colored bras.

The firm, which wasn't named in court documents, can also require all staff to keep their hair "clean, never worn looking unwashed or oily" and that men could only sport a well-groomed beard or be clean-shaven.

While the firm can require employees to keep their finger nails shorter than one-half centimeter to protect passengers from injury, the court ruled the firm couldn't dictate what colour employees can paint their nails.

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