Who wants to be an employer of choice?

The million-dollar question in today’s competitive recruitment market.
By Terri Duguay
|CHRR, Guide to Recruitment & Staffing|Last Updated: 04/10/2001

The latest buzz these days in the recruitment world is the notion of being an “Employer of Choice”. It seems you can’t read a newspaper or attend a symposium without tripping across this ubiquitous term. So what’s it all about? Is your company or department an Employer of Choice? Should it be?

According to John Sullivan, profesor of HR management, San Francisco State University, “An Employer of Choice is a term used by recruiters to designate a company that, because of its status and reputation, is always the first choice (or at least on the short list) of world class candidates.”

I would go a little further and say an Employer of Choice is the company or department that everyone wants to work for — not necessarily just the world-class candidates. It’s the company that is featured in the media for their innovation and creativity; and the one whose CEO is quoted and featured in everything from presentations to articles. (How many times have you seen Jack Welch’s name recently?) Publicity is only the half of it. It seems there are many reasons for striving for this esteemed position.