The brains are coming! The brains are coming!

Compared to Silicon Valley’s too-close-for-comfort competitive environment, a combination of Canada’s vast territory, lifestyle and telecommuting opportunities provide security against recruitment poaching for the high-tech industry. The brains are coming home.
By Nathan Laurie and Mark Laurie
|CHRR, Guide to Recruitment & Staffing|Last Updated: 04/10/2001

It seems every week there is a new statistic on the brain drain issue and how it is going to be the downfall of the Canadian economy. Stats being what they are tend to reflect the past and do not indicate what is happening in the present. Every year our company talks with over 7,000 HR managers across North America about their recruiting strategies and their needs. Within the last six months, an interesting trend has developed that is not getting much attention in the media but is catching our eyes as the wave of the future. The brains are coming home and they are marching into Canada without much fanfare.

The economics

of the brain gain