Creating a military leave policy

By Captain Richard E. Gower
|CHRR, Guide to Recruitment & Staffing|Last Updated: 04/10/2001

Through a 20-year study, researcher Mark Huselid, Rutgers University, established a strong and definite link between HR management and company performance. One of the significant findings was the correlation between the degree to which a company deployed a human resource management system and its economic performance.

The Huselid study, in short, said good HR systems and practices deliver exceptional performance in terms of shareholder value. A system, by definition, leaves nothing open-ended. Many companies and organizations, however, still have no formalized method of dealing with leave requests from employees who are also military reservists.

“There are several things that must be considered when a company puts a military leave policy for reservist-employees in place,” says Robert Bonnell, human resources consultant, Ashlar-Stone Management Consultants Inc., and a serving naval reservist and former commanding officer of HMCS York. “These include what obligations it will place on the company and what impact it may have on other non-reservist employees, especially in a unionized environment.”