Why should medical cannabis be included in a benefits plan?

Drug used to treat everything from chronic pain to epilepsy 
to Crohn’s disease
By Daniel Otis
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/25/2019
Medical Cannabis
Today in Canada, all benefits providers pay claims for cannabis through health spending accounts if someone has medical authorization. Shutterstock

Jonathan Zaid was 14 when he started suffering from a persistent, daily headache he described as “unrelenting pressure combined with migraines and insomnia” that significantly impacted his ability to function in daily life.

After trying nearly 50 different drugs to ease his suffering, cannabis was the only thing that helped, he says.

“When I first tried medical cannabis, I had my first proper night’s sleep in five years,” says Zaid. “It allowed me to regain quality of life, including the ability to go to university.”