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Top 10 reasons to submit a National HR Awards nomination

The odds are better than the lottery – and there's no steel or aluminum in the awards to attract Trump's ire
National HR Awards - Trophies
The trophy table at the 2017 National HR Awards. Whose name will be etched on the 2018 trophies? It could be yours.

By Todd Humber

The deadline to submit your nominations for the fourth annual National HR Awards is upon us — you have until midnight on June 15.

Here are the top 10 reasons to nominate your department, yourself or a respected colleague for these prestigious annual awards presented by Canadian HR Reporter and Thomson Reuters.

1. Your odds of winning are high. Sure, that $60 million Lotto Max jackpot looks enticing. But your odds of hitting all seven numbers are astronomical — one in nearly 29 million. While the lawyer whispering in my ear won’t let me publish the odds (well, that and it depends on the number of entries), let’s just say they’re a tad better. And just like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play. Or in this case, nominate.

2. They’re 100 per cent Canadian. We’re only a few weeks away from Canada Day, so let’s wrap ourselves in the flag, eh? Canadian HR Reporter has the largest newsroom in the nation devoted to covering workplace issues, and our team loves to tell the stories of successful practices of all things maple leaf.

3. The awards look amazing in your office. Plus, they’re aluminum and steel free, so you won’t attract the ire of Donald Trump. The all-glass trophies let the world, your colleagues and your bosses know you’re among the best at what you do.

4. It looks great on a resumé. We’re not suggesting you’re looking for a new gig. We all know the perils of turnover in the HR world. But it does make a nice addition to any CV or LinkedIn profile that might open some interesting new doors as your career progresses and evolves.

5. The party is bigger and better than ever. The National HR Awards launched in 2015 as an editorial feature. In 2017, we heard the call from our winners that they wanted to celebrate their amazing achievements — so we held a gala cocktail reception attended by more than 120 people, including every winner from across the country. This year, it’s a full-blown gala dinner that will be the can’t miss HR event of the year.

6. Did I mention the venue? I’ll channel my inner Ron Burgundy and say, “It’s kind of a big deal.” The National HR Awards will be celebrated at The Ritz-Carlton in downtown Toronto. It’s a high-end venue to celebrate the best in human resources. The food, the drinks, the party — it’s going to be a great night.

7. You deserve it. I’ve been covering the HR profession for two decades. I can say two things with certainty — HR professionals do amazing work and they don’t seek the limelight. Those two things can’t co-exist any longer. Step into the spotlight and accept the accolades for the amazing work you do every single day.

8. They’re credible. Let’s not be cynical. But there are a lot of “pay-to-play” award programs out there. This is not one of them. Buying a table or a sponsorship doesn’t guarantee you an award. All the decisions are in the hands of our esteemed judging panel, and their word is gospel.  Plus, we spend a lot of time and effort on telling the stories of the winners. So not only do you collect the hardware, but you also get a chance to share your story and advance the profession.

9. Lights, camera, action. Our videographers will come to your worksite to shoot an amazing video. You can see the videos from past years on our new website — Specifically, check out the Winners’ tab for videos from the last three years. You can use these videos however you like as you celebrate your win internally and externally.

10. There are more awards than ever before — 16 in total are up for grabs. The National HR Awards have expanded with the addition of five new awards. Here’s the full list for 2018.

Team/department awards:

  • Venngo Healthy Workplaces Award
  • Queen’s University IRC Professional Development Award
  • Fragomen Best Diversity Initiative
  • Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative
  • Employee Engagement Award
  • Technology/Innovation Award
  • Best Recruitment Campaign
  • Best Recognition Program
  • Best Use of People Analytics – NEW!
  • Best Mental Health Initiative – NEW!
  • HR Team of the Year – NEW!

Individual awards:

  • HumanaCare HR Professional of the Year
  • Benchmark Benefit Solutions Top Benefits Administrator – NEW!
  • HR Rising Star
  • Employment Lawyer of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – NEW!

Visit for full details on the awards program. If you have any questions, please reach out to me anytime at 416-298-5196 or Good luck!

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Todd Humber

Todd Humber is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Canadian HR Reporter, the national journal of human resource management. Follow him on Twitter @ToddHumber
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