Former Alberta RCMP officer sues for constructive dismissal, discrimination

Female officer was removed from operational duties following treatment for PTSD, addiction

A female former commander of an Alberta RCMP detachment is claiming the police force discriminated against her because of mental health issues and her gender.

Laura Lee Kelly was the commander of an RCMP detachment near Edmonton when she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and an addiction in April 2014. She received treatment in Calgary and was given a new assignment with graduated duties. However, Kelly believed a permanent designation was put in her file that prevented her from performing operational duties.

Kelly’s husband – also an RCMP officer -- was transferred to British Columbia shortly thereafter with a condition that Kelly agree she couldn’t work at the RCMP’s B.C. headquarters. Kelly felt the police force made unilateral changes to her employment contract, compelling her to resign after 24 years of service.

Kelly filed a claim of constructive dismissal and discrimination against her based on her mental disability (PTSD) and gender because her husband’s career was treated as more important than hers. Her statement of claim included more than $150,000 in damages for pay in lieu of notice and bad faith misconduct.

None of the allegations made by Kelly have yet been proven in court.

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