Majority of workers worldwide believe employers violate overtime rules

One-fifth of Canadian workers required to work overtime: Survey

A majority of hourly workers around the world believe their employer has violated laws or rules governing overtime in their region, according to a survey commissioned by the Workforce Institute at Kronos.

The vast majority of hourly wage workers around the world said they are at least somewhat aware of the rules and laws governing overtime and compensation where they live (India and China top the list at 94 and 96 per cent, respectively) and a majority in every region except the United States also believe their employers have at some point violated overtime rules (India and China top the list again at 81 and 88 per cent, respectively.).

Overtime is commonplace around the world, found the survey of hourly wage workers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the U.S. In all regions surveyed except France, more than one-half of hourly wage workers said their employer offered them the opportunity to work overtime hours (defined as more than their regularly scheduled work hours at either a higher rate of pay or in return for paid time off): 82 per cent in India; 80 per cent in China; 79 per cent in the U.K.; 77 per cent in Brazil; 71 per cent in Mexico; 61 per cent in the U.S.; 54 per cent in Australia; and 52 per cent in Canada. Thirty-nine per cent of hourly wage workers in France were offered the opportunity to work overtime.

High numbers of hourly wage workers around the world are required by their employer to work overtime: more than one-half in India (68 per cent), China (67 per cent), and the U.K. (58 per cent), and significant numbers in other regions as well: 37 per cent in Australia, 35 per cent in France, 33 per cent in Brazil, 26 per cent in the U.S., 24 per cent in Mexico and 20 per cent in Canada.

The opportunity to work additional hours for a higher rate of pay or additional paid time off was very appealing to employees, found the survey of 10,123 workers. The majority said they were happy with the amount of overtime hours they worked or wished they could work more: 92 per cent in Brazil, Canada and the U.S.; 91 per cent in Australia; 90 per cent in the U.K. and Mexico; 88 per cent in France; 85 per cent in India; and 61 per cent in China.

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