Workplace safety innovations recognized in Alberta

Three companies receive Work Safe Awards for their contribution to improving workplace health and safety

Three Alberta companies have been presented with awards for their innovations which have improved workplace safety.

The provincial Ministry of Employment, Immigration and Industry and the Occupational Health and Safety Council jointly presented the 2007 Work Safe Alberta Awards for Innovation in Workplace Health and Safety in Edmonton.

Nabors Production Services in Sylvan Lake, Alta., was given an award of distinction of developing a programmable AC electric service oil and gas drilling rig. The rig uses electric motors to move more smoothly and with more precise control than other rigs. It also has an electrical braking system which keeps it under control when descending down hills.

Calgary-based Bux Enterprises also received an award of distinction for its invention of the “Rappin Stick,” a handheld plastic film dispenser which is used to securely wrap a pallet of goods for storage or transport without the user needing to move under the suspended load. It protects the worker, more securely wraps products and eliminates the potential for awkward positions while wrapping.

Safety On-Site Systems Ltd. in Edmonton received an award of merit for developing its Man Down Solution, which uses satellite and GPS systems to assist oil and gas employees working in remote locations who have limited communication. Using the same satellite network as the United States military, it provides workers with continuous communication with co-workers and emergency response trigger by a button or if sensors identify a stop in the worker’s motion.

The Work Safe Awards are designed to recognize innovations focused on health and safety in the workplace.

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