Doorman wins lottery, vows to keep job, gets fired

New Yorker said he’d continue working after winning $5 million but his attendance dropped

A New York City doorman who decided to keep his job after winning the lottery has been fired.

Richie Randozzo, 44, was a doorman at a ritzy Park Avenue building for six years. In May, he won $5 million on a scratch lottery ticket, which would be paid out in $65,000 instalments every three months. However, he said he wouldn’t quit his $40,000-a-year doorman job and admitted he hoped to turn his fame into a reality show.

Building management soon became unhappy with him, however, when he began taking what it felt was too much time off. He took regular trips to Atlantic City and began dating a 23-year-old Swedish model. Fed up, building management fired him.

Randozzo said he wasn’t given a formal reason for his firing in the termination letter and there were some suggestions the people he worked for were jealous. He complained to his union, which said it will investigate the situation as a “routine matter.”

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