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A French connection; Jobseekers beware; Muslim cadet says RCMP harassed him

A French connection

Quebec — Quebec and France will begin negotiating a contract to recognize educational and professional credentials in both jurisdictions. The deal will make it easier for Quebecers to work and study in France, said Premier Jean Charest. Professionals from France, such as doctors, would also be able to work in Quebec more easily. Talks between Charest and his French counterpart, François Fillion, are scheduled for this month.

Jobseekers beware

Maynard, Mass. — Con artists, using stolen employers’ user names and passwords for the online job site, accessed as many as 1.3 million resumés and sent fake e-mails to those jobseekers. The e-mail encourages recipients to perform a financial transaction or download malicious software. Once installed, the programs monitor the recipient’s banking transactions and lock up music and photo files, making the user pay the hackers to free them.

Muslim cadet says RCMP harassed him

Ottawa — A former RCMP cadet has lodged a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, alleging he was harassed because he is Muslim. Ali Tahmourpoor testified he was ridiculed for wearing a religious medallion and criticized for taking too many notes and for being too soft spoken. RCMP statistics show a seven-per-cent attrition rate among cadets, but a rate of almost 16 per cent among visible minorities from 1996 to 2001. The rate includes both dismissals and resignations.

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