Nuclear plant fires dozens of contractors for ‘Internet violations’

Company says no security risk or leaked information but workers violated code of conduct

An Ontario nuclear power plant is facing scrutiny after it fired almost 100 people from its staff for what it called “Internet violations.”

Bruce Power, a power company that runs a nuclear plant near Kincardine, Ont., refused to say why it fired so many people other than the violations had to do with the workers’ inappropriate use of the Internet and e-mail at work that were discovered after a company investigation. All of those fired were contractors and temporary employees in a variety of positions.

The lack of detail has made some nervous, as a nuclear power plant could be considered a target for terrorists and misuse of the Internet could raise security concerns. However, Bruce Power insisted the fired workers didn’t leak any vital information that could lead to security risks.

“There was no one involved here that is in a position to offer any kind of a risk to the ongoing operation,” a spokesperson for Bruce Power told The Canadian Press.

Bruce Power refused to confirm reports the number of people fired was close to 100 nor what the specific misconduct entailed. The police hadn’t been notified of any criminal activity, which would have been the procedure had there been any detected, the corporation said.

“We’re just trying to be a conscientious employer where the vast majority of employees who are on site, who follow the code of conduct, they have the right to expect that if other employees do not, or other contractors do not, that they’re dealt with appropriately,” the spokesperson told The Canadian Press.

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