Ontario focuses on dangerous chemicals in the workplace

Province's health and safety blitz checks on the safety measures of employers who use hazardous chemicals

The Ontario government is ensuring employers with workplaces that have potentially dangerous chemicals are putting the proper precautions in place to protect the health and safety of workers.

Occupational health and safety inspectors from the Ministry of Labour are being dispatched to workplaces such as swimming pools, spas, dry cleaners, metal fabrication shops and health-care facilities where chemicals are used as part of the job. They will be looking for chemicals such as chlorine and other disinfecting chemicals, dry cleaning solvents, metalworking fluids and detergents to determine if they are stored safely and properly labelled.

Employers will also be investigated to ensure they have been giving workers proper training for handling the chemicals involved and providing protective equipment such as respirators and eye-wash fountains to workers.

Any employers that are found to be not meeting safety standards and in contravention of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations will be charged, the Ministry of Labour said.

Ontario employs more than 400 full-time occupational health and safety inspectors, who will be participating in the chemical safety blitz in September.

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