Thinking of hiring a new corporate lawyer? You may want to get one with intellectual property expertise

Intellectual property law called the “practice of the decade” in a survey of 100 lawyers

Get a good intellectual property lawyer on the payroll now and you may save thousands of dollars in the long-run. Intellectual property will be the hottest area of law over the next 10 years, according to a survey conducted by staffing firm The Affiliates.

Nearly half of the lawyers surveyed put intellectual property in the lead, three times the response of the number-two answer, corporate transactional law.

Here are the areas lawyers said will be hot:

Intellectual property: 48 per cent
Corporate transactional: 16 per cent
Technology: 10 per cent
Employment: five per cent
Environmental: five per cent
General litigation: three per cent
International: three per cent
Tax: two per cent
Personal injury: two per cent
Other: two per cent
Don’t know: four per cent

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