Calgary (196 agents, shuttlers, mechanics) and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Canada, Local 401

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Renewal agreement: Effective June 1, 2019 to April 30, 2022. Ratified on Sept. 5, 2019. Signed on June 1, 2019.

Wage adjustments:

(For rental-sales agents, service agents, shuttlers, utility agents, mechanics, rovers on payroll and above progression rates)

Effective June 1, 2019: 3%

Effective June 1, 2020: 2.75%

Effective June 1, 2021: 3%

Shift premium: 2 hours of pay if employer reschedules employee’s shift with less than 48 hours’ advance notice. $0.50 per hour for hours worked between midnight and 6 a.m., providing half shift or more is scheduled or worked after midnight. $0.50 per hour for hours worked between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m., providing half shift or more is scheduled or worked after 8 p.m. $1.75 per hour for lead-hands.

Paid holidays: 11 days.

Vacations with pay: 2 weeks or 4% after 1 year, 3 weeks or 6% after 5 years, 4 weeks or 8% after 10 years.

Overtime: Time and one-half for all time worked in excess of basic workweek or workday (compensating time off will not be given in lieu of overtime pay).

Medical benefits: Employer pays 80%, employee pays 20% of premiums.

Vision: $250 every 24 consecutive months.

Sick leave: 1 day per month to start; 5 days on Jan. 1, plus 1 day per month, maximum 10 days per year, after 1 year of service.

Bereavement leave: 5 days for death in immediate family (spouse, parent, child, sibling, same-sex partner, current stepparents, current stepchildren, current mother-in-law, current father-in-law, current stepsiblings). 3 days for death of grandparent. 1 day for death of brother-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law.

Seniority – recall rights: 6 months for layoffs.

Probationary period: 90 calendar days.

Discipline: Sunset clause is 18 months for all forms of disciplines or reprimands, with exception of disciplines resulting from violence, harassment, discrimination.

Safety shoes: $70 per year; $90 per year for all service agents, mechanics, rovers and shuttlers, utility agents.

Uniforms/clothing: Special clothing, such as raincoats, toques, ear-bands, parkas, will be supplied by employer when appropriate. Employer will supply all needed uniforms.

Sample rates of pay (current, after $0.25-hour increase):

Rental-sales agents: $15.75 rising 1 step to $16

Service agents: $16 rising 1 step to $16.25

Rover agents: $16.25 rising 1 step to $16.50

Shuttlers: $15.25 rising 1 step to $15.50

Utility agents: $17 rising 1 step to $17.25

Mechanics: $18.90 rising 1 step to $19.90

Editor’s notes: Travel time: Employee who is transferred (at request of employer) from 1 location to another during regular working day, will be paid regular rate for all travelling time.

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