Canadian North

Multiprovince (130 flight attendants) and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 4053

Renewal agreement: Effective Jan. 1, 2015, to Dec. 31, 2016. Signed on March 24, 2016.

Wage adjustments:
Effective Jan. 1, 2016: 0.6%
Effective Jan. 1, 2017: 1%

Shift premium: 4% premium for training flight attendant. 4% premium for CRM trainer (new). $75 per day for FAM/Line-Indoc.

Paid holidays: 10 days.

Vacations with pay: 2 weeks to start, 3 weeks after 3 years, 4 weeks after 10 years and 5 weeks after 20 years.  

Meal allowance: $3 for B737 and $4.20 for DH8 (previously $2.95 for B737 and $4.15 for DH8). $3.05 for B737 and $4.25 for DH8 effective Jan. 1, 2017. $3.10 for B737 and $4.30 for DH8 effective Jan. 1, 2018.

Sick leave: 60 credit hours per year. Up to 30 credit hours can be carried over to a maximum of 90 credits.

STD: Payments begin on the first working day following 5 scheduled working days of uninterrupted total disability.

LTD: Payments begin after a total disability for an uninterrupted period of 17 weeks.

Pension: Employer and employee each contribute 4% per month to defined contribution pension plan.

Bereavement leave: 7 days for employee’s spouse or child. 5 days for employee’s father, mother, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, father-in-law, mother-in-law or any relative permanently residing with employee. 1 day for employee’s uncle, aunt or cousin. 2 additional days may be requested for travel.

Seniority – recall rights: 2 years.

Probationary period: 1 year.

Discipline: Sunset clause is 18 months.

Safety shoes: $100 per year for footwear.

Uniforms/clothing: Employer provides and assumes 100% of the cost for uniforms, including blazers, skirts, dresses, pants, blouses, shirts, vests, insignia pins, ties, luggage, overcoats, parkas and snow pants. Employer provides $60 per month for dry cleaning.

Sample rates of pay (current, after 0.6% increase):
Flight attendants: $2,707.96 per month rising in 6 steps to $4,219.94

Editor’s notes: Union dues: 1.5% of base salary. Inoculation: Employer will pay 100% of costs when it requires an employee to be inoculated. Employees will be reimbursed cost of annual flu vaccination upon submission of a receipt. Maternity leave: 17 unpaid weeks for employees who complete 6 months of continuous employment. Parental leave: 37 unpaid weeks for employees who complete 6 months of continuous employment. Compassionate care leave: 6 unpaid weeks to provide care to a gravely ill family member at risk of dying within 26 weeks. Passports: Employer will pay for cost of initial passport or renewal of passport upon submission of receipts and copy of the passport for verification.

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