Construction Labour Relations Association of British Columbia

Provincewide, British Columbia (4,000 carpenters) and the Construction, Maintenance and Allied Workers Canada (CMAW)

Construction Labour Relations Association of British Columbia
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Renewal agreement: Effective May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2023. Signed on May 29, 2020.

Wage adjustments:

Effective May 1, 2020: $0.30 per hour

Effective May 1, 2021: $0.30 per hour

Effective May 1, 2022: $0.30 per hour

Shift premium: $0.75 per hour earned for employee who acts as first-aid attendant. 25% for all hours of work performed on such shift for employee who, during course of 1 shift, is required to work directly with helicopter; 1 hour per shift for employee who is transported to project by helicopter. 115% of applicable certified journeyperson minimum straight-time hourly wage rate for foreperson. All hours worked on employee’s next working shift will be deemed to be overtime hours if minimum break of 8 hours is not provided between shifts. $4 per hour worked (previously $6 per hour worked) on afternoon shift which begins between 9 a.m. and 8:29 p.m.; $4 per hour worked (previously $6 per hour worked) on night shift which begins between 8:30 p.m. and 12:59 a.m. $0.90 per hour worked to all employees on projects located within Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley metropolitan area (inclusive of Lions Bay to west, Chilliwack to east, all cities, towns, municipalities, villages, communities, in between).

Paid holidays: 14 days including Friday preceding B.C. Day, B.C. Day, Friday preceding Labour Day, plus employee will be paid 6% of gross earnings.

Vacations with pay: 6% of gross earnings. Employee may take up to 3 weeks of annual vacation per calendar year.

Overtime: Time and one-half for first 2 hours of overtime, Monday through Friday; double time for all hours worked in excess of 10 hours per day, Monday through Friday; all hours worked on Saturdays, Sundays, statutory holidays.

Pension: Carpentry Workers’ Pension Plan.

Call-in pay: Minimum one-half of scheduled shift hours at otherwise applicable straight-time or overtime hourly rate, regardless of whether or not employee actually commenced work. When employee works more than one-half of scheduled shift hours, employer will pay employee for actual hours worked.

Uniforms/clothing: Employer will provide safety headgear, all other items of personal protective equipment required pursuant to WorkSafeBC regulations. Employer will supply welders’ leather vests or jackets and leather gauntlet gloves to all employees assigned to welding work on charge-out basis.

Mileage: $0.58 per kilometre (previously $0.54 per kilometre), after 40 kilometres each way, for local resident employees who uses own vehicle to travel daily from residence to project located outside of Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley; $0.58 per kilometre each way to non-local resident employees who is directed or dispatched to out-of-town project.

Sample rates of hourly pay (current, after 0.48% increase):

Inside Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley


Foreperson: $48.07 rising 1 step to $48.30

Certified: $41.80 rising 1 step to $42

Outside Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley


Foreperson: $48.07 rising 1 step to $48.30

Certified: $41.80 rising 1 step to $42


First term: 55%

Second term: 65%

Third term: 80%

Fourth term: 90%

Unticketed carpenters (UC)

Level 1 UC: 55%

Level 2 UC: 65%

Level 3 UC: 80%

Level 4 UC: 90%

Material handler/pre-apprentice: 45%

Editor’s notes: Orientations/indoctrinations: Minimum 2 hours of pay (with mutually agreed upon limit for each program set before commencement of online program) when employee is required to complete orientation or indoctrination online. Room and board: For out-of-town projects, employer will pay $150 (previously $145) daily lump sum living out allowance (effective May 1, 2022: $155) or single room plus $67.50 (previously $65) daily meal allowance (effective May 1, 2022: $70). Periodic/compassionate leave: On out-of-town projects of more than 50 calendar days’ duration, 1 periodic leave will be made available to employees every 40 calendar days. Employer will pay allowance for leave: $175 for 250 kilometres to 500 kilometres; $275 for 501 kilometres to 750 kilometres; $375 for 751 kilometres to 1,000 kilometres; $475 for more than 1,000 kilometres.

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