Construction Labour Relations Association of Manitoba

Provincewide, Manitoba (600 plumbers, pipefitters, gas fitters) and the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada (UA), Local 254

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Renewal agreement: Effective June 2, 2018, to April 30, 2022. Signed on June 18, 2018. 
Wage adjustments: 
Effective May 1, 2021: Wage re-opener
Shift premium: 10% premium for all work on second shift, afternoon shift, third shift, graveyard shift. Double time for all second, third shifts between 8 a.m. on Saturday and regular starting time on Monday.
Paid holidays: 11 days. 
Vacations with pay: 3 weeks plus 6% of total base rate earnings. Employee working on northern projects will be entitled to 3 weeks of vacation after completing 2 tours of duty.
Overtime: Time and one-half for all work after 8 hours per day. Double time after 2 hours of overtime. Time and one-half for first 8 hours of work on Saturday, double time thereafter. Double time for all work on Sunday.
Meal allowance: Hot meal or $20 will be provided after 2 hours of overtime and every 4 hours thereafter. 
Medical benefits: Employer will contribute $0.91 per hour (previously $0.71 per hour), employee will contribute $1.03 per hour (previously $1.23 per hour) to Local 254 health and welfare fund.
Pension: Employer will contribute $6.61 per hour (previously $6.11 per hour) to Local 254 pension fund.
Call-in pay: Minimum of 2 hours’ pay at double time, except for residential, commercial calls which will be minimum 1 hour of pay at double time.
Safety shoes: Employer will contribute 100% of cost for metatarsal safety boots.
Uniforms/clothing: Employer will provide welders’ helmets, goggles, protective leather sleeves, welding gloves or mitts. 2 pair of coveralls will be supplied to all employees who work in area that is extremely dirty.
Mileage: $0.546 per kilometre. Effective May 1, 2019: Travel-time expense kilometre rate will be adjusted by percentage change in Statistics Canada index, for Manitoba private transportation costs from March to March. When project is located outside 32-kilometre free zone (from Winnipeg Perimeter Highway and boundaries of any city or town), all travel-time expense will be paid from 32-kilometre free zone.
Sample rates of pay (current, after 2.5% increase):
Journeyman: $40.84 rising 2 steps to $41.86
Fifth-year: $38.19 rising 2 steps to $39.14
Fourth-years: $32.67 rising 2 steps to $33.49
Third-year: $28.59 rising 2 steps to $29.30
Second-year: $24.50 rising 2 steps to $25.12
First-year: $20.42 rising 2 steps to $20.93
Plumber/steam worker: $16.34 rising 2 steps to $16.74
Editor’s notes: Trust funds: Employer will contribute $0.51 per hour (previously $0.31 per hour), employee will contribute $0.17 per hour to piping industry trust funds. Insurance: When employee resides in construction camp, cost of insurance against loss of personal effects by fire, maximum $2,000, will be paid by employer.

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